Family Wealth Advantage

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Experience our Family Wealth Advantage...a complete step-by-step wealth management and planning process to get you on track!

  • Step 1:  Discovery- Using our Financial Strategy Action Plan, we develop a deep understanding of who our clients are, their dreams and fears, what makes them tick, who's important to them in their lives and clearly identify and define what they want to accomplish. We cover all important aspects of your life - family tree, goals, objectives, insurance protection, budget, balance sheet, estate investment plan, risk tolerance, savings, debt, real estate and much more.
  • Step 2:  Analysis- Once we have a deep understanding of who you are, then and only then can we effectively analyze your assets, liabilities and protection.  How much risk are you taking?  Is that risk appropriate?  What's your asset allocation look like?  Are you properly invested?  Are your investments and other financial resources properly aligned to achieve your long-term goals?
  • Step 3:  Stress Test-  Using our Envision® planning process, this is where we put it all together and define your "big picture".  Through detailed analysis, we can determine the probability of success of your wealth management plan.  What is the likelihood of this all working out?  Are you on track to successfully retire?  Do we need to make adjustments to things like your retirement age, rate of current savings or even reevaluate your goals. We can re-sync or re-think your approach whenever necessary and begin to track your progress.
  • Step 4:  Recommendation & Implementation-  Once successfully through step 1, 2 & 3, now we can confidently make recommendations and begin the implementation process.  We will help align your portfolio to your desired level of risk and ensure your investment strategy is properly allocated to help achieve your stated objectives.  We strive to build sophisticated, well-diversified portfolio strategies that can address risk in both good and bad markets.
  • Step 5:  Review-  We offer a very high-touch client experience.  We encourage clients to have a complete financial review as frequent as possible. Whatever is necessary and appropriate for each client.  We'll also make an effort to connect with your other advisors like your CPA or Estate Planning Attorney to ensure we are all working together in your best interest.